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Information about Christian Cross and his books.


Christian Cross

Writer of Christian science fiction and children’s books meant to appeal to Christians and secular readers.

My first book: Extraction – A Song For Emma will be marketed as a High School/Young Adult book. Although, still in draft form, it is the first book in what will be a trilogy. Currently, it’s being edited by a professional editor. Stay tuned to learn more. 

The second book in the Extraction Series has been started but its only in the beginning stages. Currently, its on hold until the first book is released.


Children’s books will be released under C.K. Cross. A children’s book will be defined as a book targeted to any age group below High School.

A book series called If People Are So Smart has been written, targeting four to six year olds. The series will have at least three books (maybe more). Each book will come from a different perspective. The first one comes from a dog’s perspective. The dog asks a series of questions as to why they don’t do certain things, to the dog, would seem reasonable. Two more books will be created shortly from a cat’s and a baby’s perspective. The books’ goals are to get young kids to see how from the limited perspective of the dog, cat, and child, things that don’t seem to make sense to them may actually have a reason they don’t understand. Kids can then relate it to why their parents do what things that don’t make sense to them and why God may do or allow something that we may not comprehend.

We all fall short of God's Glory.
- Christian Cross
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