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Christian Young Adult Science Fiction

In the near future, Hannah (age 16), her younger brother Loghan (age 11), and her younger sister Emma (age 5) are on the run aided by a man named Shane. Hannah hears that Shane’s a kidnapper on the news. Is he out to help or put them in more danger?

A few months earlier, Hannah, Loghan, and Emma lived in one of the nicest suburban neighborhoods in Potsville, Indiana. Emma’s health has been deteriorating for some time, but now they’re noticing. After a doctor’s diagnosis, Hannah and Loghan become suspicious that something sinister is going on. Before long, their lives are turned upside down as they try to determine what’s going on and save their sister in this dystopian society.

Time’s running out for them to discover the truth.

Will Hannah and Loghan be able to save their sister, and potentially themselves, in time?

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Christian Children's Books

Childrens Book Coming Soon

A book aimed for children ages: 4 – 6 and their parents coming from a dog’s whose asking questions about why things are the way they are.

What the dog would deem smart, reasonable, and good may not actually be that but the dog cannot see the truth beyond his/her limited knowledge. That’s also true for your child as to why you do what you do as a parent. The same is true for people and God. This book aims to engage children with their parents/guardians and help them better understand that what the see is smart, reasonable, and good may also not always be correct.

Evolution has been assumed to be true and is taught to our children, not as a theory but the absolute truth. Now, discover a world where Evolution is just that, absolutely true.  

Evolution states that there has been slow mutations over hundreds of millions of years, with the exception of quick permutations from tragic events. This book explores what the world would really look like if that’s really true. 

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